Tuition is paid monthly and is always due by the first lesson of each month. Registration fee is $20/new family per year or $10/returning family per year.

Tuition rates remain the same month to month as holidays and vacations have already been accounted for in the monthly tuition rates. Tuition is based on 42 lessons per calendar year (September 1 – August 31). Acceptable forms of payment are cash, check, and Zelle (many banks offer this online service). Checks should be made out to the studio name: Piano Passionato.

Tuition payment received after the 10th of the month will be charged an additional $10 late fee. If a check bounces, a $25 penalty will be charged. Tuition payment must be received before lessons will be taught that month; under no circumstance will I teach lessons for which payment has not been received.

Summer Lessons

Piano Passionato is a year-round piano studio. Monthly tuition is based off of calculations including all twelve months. As best I can, I try to be flexible in make-ups and rescheduled lessons to accommodate vacation plans during summer. Summer lesson instructional time is a mixture of group classes (differentiated by age and level) and traditional private lessons.

Students who choose to drop for the summer do not receive priority scheduling nor is a slot held for them for the following school year. You must pay for summer lessons to receive priority scheduling and reserve a lesson slot.

Make-up Lessons

One lesson cancelled due to illness or family emergency can be made up during the make-up week at the end of each semester if at least 4 hours’ advance notice is given. Rescheduled lessons due to known conflicts (school event, doctors’ appointments, vacation, etc) can be arranged in advance at my discretion and another student’s availability to switch with you. If known conflicts are not arranged at least one week in advance, no make-up will be given. Make-ups are only permissible for illness and family emergency.

Please note: make-up lessons are limited to one each semester to be taken during the designated make-up weeks. Missed lessons exceeding that limit will not be made up nor credited nor refunded.

If I ever need to cancel lessons, then those lessons will be rescheduled and not count as a make-up for the student.


Regular and punctual attendance at lessons is expected. Should a student arrive late to a lesson, they will receive their remaining portion of lesson time only. Please be punctual about arrival time and pick up time for your child. Should a student miss a lesson without notice – no make ups, reschedules, nor refunds will be given. Should a student miss more than once without notice, lessons will be discontinued. 

Materials for Lessons

Students are responsible for purchasing their own books and other materials, including the studio-required assignment book by Faber, “Practice and Progress.”


All students must have access to a piano at home. Keyboards and digital pianos are acceptable if they have all 88 keys, the keys are weighted, pedals are attached, and a bench is included. These qualities are extremely important in order for the student to make consistent progress and learn correct technique.


All communication (regarding scheduling conflicts, termination of lessons, general questions, etc.) should be done via email.  I use email as my main mode of communication with my studio families so it is important that I have a current email address on file that you frequently check.

If you need to reach me last minute due to illness or family emergency, then please text me!


Please be courteous and do not bring your child(ren) to lessons if any of the following are true:

  • Absence or early dismissal from school due to illness
  • Fever or vomiting within 24 hours of lesson time
  • Antibiotic treatment for contagious illnesses is less than 24 hours at lesson time

General rule of thumb is to follow the same guidelines that schools have regarding illness!


All students should practice on a regular basis at home.  Practice time guidelines will vary according to the student’s age and level. Students will be expected to maintain good practice habits (both in regards to practice time and fulfilling practice assignments). Of course, if illness/vacation/excessive school work for older students/family emergencies occur – I will be understanding.

Performance Requirements

There are two studio recitals per school year that are required: one in December and one in May.

I strongly encourage my students to be active in other performance venues such as festivals, competitions, school talent shows, or even informally playing for family and friends. The experience gained in doing public performances is invaluable, and the student’s confidence will grow as they publicly perform pieces that are well-prepared.


Theory will be covered in lessons as theory is an integral part of music education. Proper theory training and understanding will enhance each student’s musical experience, and will facilitate their efforts in preparing their repertoire. Students will have weekly theory homework in their theory books. Group classes during the summer months are also very theory intensive.

Cancellation of Lessons

Lesson cancellation always needs to be done in writing, and refunds will not be given. Two lessons’ notice and payment is required.

Additionally, I reserve the right to discontinue lessons should a student not be maintaining policies (regarding tuition, attendance, practice, etc).

Studio Awards

Awards are given to the students at the spring recital based on points accumulated throughout the school year. Points are awarded to students each week for the following:

  • 90%+ of their required practice time (minimum of 4 practice days; bonus points awarded for 120%+)
  • 90%+ completion of their weekly assignment
  • bonus points are awarded for participation in each festival/competition